The school

Life skills and education is the best way to lead children out of the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. That is why we are committed to support them from early childhood development to education, from practical skills to social-emotional ones. We are bent to teach the children all this so they can develop themselves into successful people who are able to get a proper paid job by which they can support themselves and their families to be.

We have chosen to build the school and orphanage in a remote area because we believe it is very much more needed in this rural area than in the city. The children attending the school will get one cooked meal a day. That in itself is a good reason for many children to visit the school and at the same time improve their life skills.

Our programs are: Education, Sports, Tree plantation*, Farming (crops/animals)*, Craftsmanship, Vocational training, Musical trainingCreativity workshops, Summer camping study group and a Mobile clinic to monitor the children’s health.

* We decided to implement self-sustainable programs to equip the children to support themselves. For example in our tree plantation program each child will have at least a hundred trees in his/her name for which they will be responsible as soon as they are capable. We will grow vegetables and fruits, for our own kitchen as well as for selling to financially support the children’s village.