Our mission is to end poverty and illiteracy in the hometown Anyanso in Ghana, wishing that this will lead to a better future for the kids.

Ending poverty and illiteracy in Anyanso, Ghana

The mission of Opanin Addae is to end poverty and illiteracy in his hometown Anyanso wishing that this will lead to a better future for them, to create chances for the new generation to be successful people who can support themselves, their families to be and the community they live in.

His idea of doing so is to provide education for the children for an affordable school fee or even for free when needed. Also the children will have one cooked meal during the day. For the orphans a safe home is available, people to take care of them and meals and school fees will paid for. There is a playground and there will be sports facilities; creative/musical workshops; a working farm etc.

Opanin Addae likes the idea of having a mobile clinic to come to the premises every once in a while for vaccination, to prevent illness, screen people and thereby establish a healthy society in Anyanso. Running water is available in the building coming from a borehole. One day he hopes to have solar panels to cut the costs of electricity and fuel for generators. There are more needs that you can contribute to.

The idea is to be as self sufficient as possible. Already fruit trees have been planted. Farming will be done and also the breeding of goats, chicken, grascutters, snails etc.

Through our contacts in Africa, USA and Europe it is our mission to spread Bioh project as wide as we can, provided you would roll up your sleeves and join us. You can donate goodsbe a sponsorbe a volunteer or do an internship to assist the children’s village in any way you can.