The Bioh kids

The Bioh kids page is dedicated to the children and what they have to share with you. The children will provide most of its content.

Right now (2016) there are 160 children attending the school at Bioh Children’s village. We have been asking them what they like about this school. They said they are very happy to have the opportunity to learn and also that they learn a lot! The children are happy to go to an international school where they have to talk English. “It is a life-guard”, one boy said.

Some are happy that they don’t have to work on a farm in the future but will have other opportunities. A lot of girls want to be a nurse or midwife, we spoke to a future doctor and a gospel singer-songwriter, another favourite profession mentioned is teacher! So, these children are like seeds. Once they are educated themselves, they will help and inspire many, many other people.

While most of the children are from Anynaso, some are from the surrounding villages. There are children that walk one and a half hour to school to follow the lessons!

It is a pleasure to see the children play soccer, do skippy rope or ampee. Their motoric skills are fabulous! They also like singing and dancing a lot!

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