The building

Actually, the building that is home to Bioh school and orphanage is a project in itself! Imagine the work and effort to realise a huge building like that out of nothing!

Opanin Addae and Mr Fred Seng, two of the founders of Bioh, wanted to finance the construction of the physical structure of the orphanage themselves before seeking assistance from the public for further sponsorship. By now the construction of the complete orphanage is nearly finished and ready to be furnished and move in.

Ever since the finishing of the ground floor education has taken (from 2013 onwards).

Only plumbing, electricity and the ceilings need to be done. Opanin Addae proudly expects to move into the building by November 2016. The first fifteen orphans – who are temporarily being taken care of by other families – will then also move in.

The orphanage is a big two stories building with eight bedrooms, four for boys and four for girls and a nursery for orphan babies. Of course there is also room for the adults who look after the children. Also there is a central living room, a kitchen, the office, a library, a stage etc.

As time moves on, and children move in, the school will move out to a second accompanying building that is yet to be built. The organic way in which the project grows, gives the project a stable base. Step by step things are realised.

The photos below picture the development of the building from the first stone to be laid by co-founder Fred Seng up until the current situation.