The orphanage

Life is hard enough as it is in the rural areas of Ghana, let alone when you are an orphan and you miss out on your parent’s love and support.

We believe that every child should have a safe place to live with people who care about you. Every child should be fed and clothed and also have the opportunity to go to school and develop him/herself to be successful in life. That is what we provide, with your help. You can make a difference in a child’s life!

Many orphanages around the globe (and also in Ghana) shelter regular children. In Ghana orphans usually live with their extended family. Nevertheless there are children who cannot live with their extended family, we will house them.

The orphanage is a huge two stories building with and eight bedrooms, four for boys and four for girls and a nursery for orphan babies. Of course there is also room for the adults who look after the children.

Furthermore there is a kitchen, the office, a library, a central living room, a stage etc. Part of the orphanage is the house of the founder Opanin Addae.

Will you help us to give a home and a good life to these children?