It takes a village to raise a child.

Life skills and education are the best way to lead children out of the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

A better future for kids

The mission of Bioh kids is to end poverty and illiteracy in his hometown Anyanso wishing that this will lead to a better future for them, to create chances for the new generation to be successful people who can support themselves, their families to be and the community they live in.

The Biohkids village project.

You can help us help the kids.


We are happy with every donation, big or small. Perhaps you are willing to consider to support us on a regular basis, for example to sponsor a child’s yearly expenses, being only 200 Dollars a year. Another suggestion is to sponsor one of our needs.

Be a volunteer

Continuously we need volunteers in various fields of practice. If you or someone in your network want(s) to go to Africa for a gap year, a volunteers position or an internship you are most welcome to contact us and help out at the Bioh project.

Be a sponsor

Bioh Children’s village needs sponsors and donors to run the project. You or your company can be a sponsor or a donor too! We are most happy to list your name on the website and/or on the specific items you have sponsored.

The kids.