Maame (mother) Bioh

The Bioh children’s village is built in loving memory of Maame Adwaoh Bioh, Opanin Addae’s mother also known as Mansah.

When she was still alive, she used to take care of many people in her hometown Anyanso. There would always be room in her heart and in her home for people and especially for so many children. They could come in to share a meal, have a talk, being taken care of. Her house was like a village itself, a village within the village.

That is why the project is named: Bioh memorial children’s village.
The motto of this project is therefore: It takes a village to raise a child.

With gratitude we thank Maame Bioh for inspiring her son Opanin Addae and so many other people to continue this mission.

The photo on the left shows Maame Bioh's house in Anyanso, where donated clothes are being distibuted to the people of the village.