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Mema mo "akwaaba"!.  Akuraa yi a yɛfrɛ no BIOH Nkaie Nkwadaa Akuraa,  anaa sɛ, brɔfo kasa mu, yɛfre no sɛ Bioh Memorial Children's Village no, Yɛrɛto nsa afre wo ne adɔfonom sɛ mo mra na momeboa yen na yenhwe nngyanka ne nkwadaa a wonni  hwefuɔ biara. Yɛsrɛ wo sɛ, bra ne befa wonsa to akwadaa bi akoma so.

Owura yi a yɛfrɛ no Ɔpanin Addae, hweree  ne maame bere a na ɔye akwadaa. Eno na eda n'akoma so se ɔbeye bribi aboa nkwadaa ede akae ne maame, Maame Bioh. Efri se amansan ne adɔfonom adaworoma  ena wohwee no. Enam no saa nti, momma yenfre ewiase nyinaa na yen mmoa. B.N.N.A. anaa B.M.C.V. ewɔ ANYANSO, a ewɔ Amansie, Bekwai  wo  Asante mantam mu wɔ Ghana, a eno nso ewɔ Abibirem Atɔɛɛ, Se woye ohɔhuɔ a, enie kenkan nie ewɔ aseɛ ho yi, wɔ brɔfo kasa mu. Na hwe mfoni no kakra  

Se wo pese woboa nkwadaa yi a, hwe nia y'atwere wo brɔfo kasa mu sɛ, "contact" anaa se Akan kasaa mu, "Nkutahodie" na frɛ yen wo ahoma trofuɔ ashenso a edidisuɔ yi (mnomma) a edidi so yi.

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Welcome to Bioh Memorial Children’s Village in Anyanso (Ghana). The village is built to end illiteracy and poverty by education. The accompanying orphanage is a safe place with loving people to take care of children without parents. They will also attend the school.

It takes a village to raise a child!

The project started in loving memory of the mother of the founder Opanin Akwasi Addae, who used to take care of many children. Her house was like a village!

Success arises from cooperating people who share the same mission. So please join us. Care about the future of these children, touch a young persons heart! You can donate goods or materials we need; sponsor (a chosen part of) the project or mention Bioh to people who want to do a gap year, voluntary work or an internship.

We like to broaden our (social media) network. Please connect with us now!

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