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Our fees for volunteers

You are most welcome to volunteer at Bioh Children's Village.

Our volunteers house is in the centre of Anyanso, opposite of the market. Because we are happy with the work and time you contribute to the Children's Village, we choose to keep the fees for volunteers low and also give you different options depending on your budget or preferences.

1. ROOM: When you stay here you pay 15 Euros a week for the room, electricity, water, gas, the cleaning of the house.

2. CATERING: in addition to the fee for your room you decide how you want to cater / be catered:

  • Self-catering: You choose to buy your own food from the market and and cook it in the available kitchen. With this option you are in charge of your own diet and budget.
  • Eat at Bioh: You choose to eat your meals at Bioh Chidlren's Village and will eat the same (simple, local) Ghanaian food as they do. This option costs 35 Euro a week.
  • A cook: You like to be catered by somebody who provides you a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner and includes water, coffee and tea. This option is 75 Euro a week.

3. TRANSPORT: Your flight to Accra is on your own expenses. After arrival you again have two options regarding your transport.

  • Public transport: you travel by public transport to the village (we can tell you how to get here).
  • Pick-up: we will pick you up from the airport in Accra and drive you to Anyanso village. This is a four to six-hours drive (despite the facts that it is only 250 km). The fee for the fuel and the driver (who has to drive back too) is 80 Euro.

4. DONATION: We love the work we do. Our foundation provides education, shelter and better opportunities for the poorest and most underprivileged children in rural Anyanso. When you stay with us, we hope you will also love the children and the project and are willing to make a donation suiting to your budget. It will be most welcome! Some people for example have themselves sponsored by friends and family to contribute to the project.

When you have any questions or special wishes, please feel welcome to contact us.

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Welcome to Bioh Memorial Children’s Village in Anyanso (Ghana). The village is built to end illiteracy and poverty by education. The accompanying orphanage is a safe place with loving people to take care of children without parents. They will also attend the school.

It takes a village to raise a child!

The project started in loving memory of the mother of the founder Opanin Akwasi Addae, who used to take care of many children. Her house was like a village!

Success arises from cooperating people who share the same mission. So please join us. Care about the future of these children, touch a young persons heart! You can donate goods or materials we need; sponsor (a chosen part of) the project or mention Bioh to people who want to do a gap year, voluntary work or an internship.

We like to broaden our (social media) network. Please connect with us now!

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