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Get involved in Bioh Memorial Children's Village

Getting yourself involved in the Bioh project will mean a big difference for a child's future, many children in fact and the ones around them once they have grown up. You can make this difference. Today, right now with.

Where people live goods, money and helping hands are neccessary. Since we are with so many and our household exists of a school, an orphanage and a farm, you can imagine our needs are many! Some are big ones, others small. Some are one time only, others ongoing.

We kindly ask your help to share some of your time, energy, love, wealth or goods with us!

- I want to donate financially

- I have goods or materials to give that you need

- I like to be a volunteer or do an internship

- I can help broaden your network.

Please help us to help these children. Touch a young person's heart!


Our sponsors

Welcome to Bioh Memorial Children’s Village in Anyanso (Ghana). The village is built to end illiteracy and poverty by education. The accompanying orphanage is a safe place with loving people to take care of children without parents. They will also attend the school.

It takes a village to raise a child!

The project started in loving memory of the mother of the founder Opanin Akwasi Addae, who used to take care of many children. Her house was like a village!

Success arises from cooperating people who share the same mission. So please join us. Care about the future of these children, touch a young persons heart! You can donate goods or materials we need; sponsor (a chosen part of) the project or mention Bioh to people who want to do a gap year, voluntary work or an internship.

We like to broaden our (social media) network. Please connect with us now!