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Our sponsors and donors

Our sponsors and donors

Bioh Children's village needs sponsors and donors to run the project. You or your company can be a sponsor or a donor too! We are most happy to list your name on the website and/or on the specific items you have sponsored. If your name should be on this list, please let us know. Help Bioh village to raise the children!

For their support - either financial or through donation of materials - we are very grateful to:

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Opanin Addae, Fred Seng, Abigail Kobiaah and Nana Obiri Yeboah

The primary sponsors of Bioh project have been the founders Opanin Akwasi Addae, Mr Fred Seng and Abigail Kobiaah. The two men have financed about 98 % of the project so far, mainly spent on construction and furnishing. They want to put in a considerate amount of their own money before they would ask the public for help.

Abigail has done fund raising and is providing/shipping goods from Europe. Nana Obiri Yeboah gave Bioh Memorials Children's Village the land for the site.

Be wise, Buy wise

Abigail Kobiaah is one of the co-founders and an enthusiastic promotor of the Bioh project. She spreads the word, looks for volunteers from Europe and ships goods to Ghana for Bioh Children's Village. Abigail lives in The Netherlands in Drachten where she runs a shop called 'Be wise, buy wise', One third of the profits of this shop is donated Bioh Memorial Children's Village.

Regional Truck Equipment Co Inc.

Mr & Mrs Brian Lutz of Regional Truck Equipment have funded Bioh Memorials Children's Village.

Auto Trucks

Mr and Mrs James Dondlinger of Auto have funded Bioh Memorials Children's Village.

Ghanaian Professional Group Inc.

Ghanaian Proffesional Group have funded the project.

Verokoram Enterprise

Madam Akua Konama A.K.A Vero of Verokoram Enterprise recently donated over 1000 bags of cement and cash.

Sambot Industries

Mr. Samuel Brown Otoo of Sambot Industries had all the windows and doors installing at no labor cost to Bioh Memorial Children's Village.

Add Noise Internet & Design

Add Noise Internet & Design from The Netherlands has designed this beautiful website for Bioh Memorial Children's Village.

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Akainyah Gallery

Akinyah Gallery has funded the Bioh project

The Redd family

The Redd family's birthday proceeds in cash have been donated to Bioh Memorials Children's Village.

Mr Moe Gorsline of Telewerks

Mr Moe Gorsline of Telewerks donated cash to the Bioh project

Mr & Mrs Kiphart

Mr & Mrs Kiphart have been donating cash to Bioh Memorials Children's Village.

ProVeiling is a Dutch (online) auction. They sell goods and materials from bankruptcies and business termination. They provide  materials and goods either for the project itself or for us to sell.

Welcome to Bioh Memorial Children’s Village in Anyanso (Ghana). The village is built to end illiteracy and poverty by education. The accompanying orphanage is a safe place with loving people to take care of children without parents. They will also attend the school.

It takes a village to raise a child!

The project started in loving memory of the mother of the founder Opanin Akwasi Addae, who used to take care of many children. Her house was like a village!

Success arises from cooperating people who share the same mission. So please join us. Care about the future of these children, touch a young persons heart! You can donate goods or materials we need; sponsor (a chosen part of) the project or mention Bioh to people who want to do a gap year, voluntary work or an internship.

We like to broaden our (social media) network. Please connect with us now!

Our sponsors